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Since fulfilling our first order in the summer of 2016, our mission has been, and continues to be; to introduce the American home cook to the West African holy trinity and to West African flavors.

We are glad you are here. Learn more about our team and our story below. And as we say here at POKS Spices...

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Abena & Eugene



Abena's father has been a vegetable farmer for the past forty years. His father was a cocoa farmer. Growing up in Ghana, Daddy taught Abena how to cook and to blend the West African holy trinity. After moving to the US to further her education, and while working in the food industry, Abena noticed a lack of West African originated products in conventional retail stores.

In the winter of 2015, she leveraged her food science background and West African heritage to develop the first prototypes of POKS Spices West African Seasonings. After launching those products in the summer of 2016, POKS Spices won its first award in January 2017, and was a top 100 finalist in the the FedEx Small Business Grant.


Since then, we have added another product to the POKS Spices Seasoning collection, and POKS Spices has won 7 more product awards. POKS Spices has also been featured on podcasts, tv and online magazines. Truly, the best part of this journey has been the growth in our customer base both locally and nationally.

For this and many more, we are truly thankful.