Just as the Cajuns have the holy trinity of onions, bell peppers and celery, West Africans have the holy trinity of hot peppers, ginger, onion/garlic. With POKS Spices All Purpose Seasonings, each bottle is blended to give you a taste of the West African holy trinity, supplemented with other spices, to give your meals that extra kick!

Growing up with a farmer father exposed me to the food industry at a very young age, and led to me developing a passion for the food. It was Daddy who first taught me to blend spices and taught me to cook. As far as I could remember, every essay I wrote about my long term goals involved starting a food company to process authentic Ghanaian food.

Each bottle of our POKS Spices All Purposes Seasoning creates an opportunity for each home to experience the bold and authentic flavors of Ghana, West Africa.

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Bearing in mind that the POKS Spices All Purpose Seasonings are food products, POKS Spices is unable to accept returns for shipped-out products.


Under circumstances where our services and/or orders are received in an unsatisfactory condition, POKS Spices is committed to working with the customer to reach an amicable agreement which, may include full refund of the product cost (excluding shipping). 

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