Baked Chicken

Across the globe, chicken is a widely consumed source of protein for many. Some cooking applications used for chicken include grilling, baking or frying. Of the three mentioned cooking techniques, proper frying is able to give a crunch to the skin of the chicken, while retaining some moisture. Good fried chicken often starts with coating the chicken with seasoned flour or batter, applying an egg wash, breading with bread crumbs and then frying. Breading the chicken given it extra crispiness, while retaining its juiciness.

What if you could get all these attributes of fried chicken, with baked chicken? This week's POKS Spices recipe applies all the technique used for good fried chicken, to baked chicken. The result? Crunchy, crispy, flavorFULL and well seasoned chicken, just like you would with fried chicken. Cheers as you Discover FlavorFULL Goodness.