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Sweet Potato-Turkey Fritters

  • 1 Quart (4 cups) boiled white sweet potatoes

  • 1 cup broiled turkey breasts (seasoned with POKS All Purpose Seasoning)

  • 2 Eggs

  • 1 teaspoon POKS Spices All Purpose Seasoning

  1.  Transfer cooled boiled sweet potatoes to food processor or Ninja blender

  2. Add seasoned broiled turkey breast

  3. Break and add the eggs

  4. Mix sweet potatoes, broiled turkey breast and eggs till either smooth or chunky (recipe was made partially smooth and partially chunky)

  5. Scoop pieces of mixture and roll into balls (recipe is medium sized balls).

  6. Heat cooking oil on medium heat till hot (too high heat will cause outside of balls to brown without inside cooking).

  7. Deep fry balls till golden brown (on medium heat, outside will cook golden brown while inside will cook).

  8. Scoop balls onto paper towel and pat dry.

  9. Serve as an appetizer or with a sauce as an entree.

Allergen: Egg

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