Delight your taste buds, and embark on a culinary journey through the West African region, with POKS seasonings and chili sauces, expertly crafted with the West African holy trinity of spices: chili, ginger, and garlic, to evoke a traditional taste experience, and bold West African flavors!

Meet Abena & POKS Spices

How did a West African heritage, family legacy in farming, US-based Food Science education and a decade-long career in the US food industry as a food scientist, inspire a member of the OPOKU family, to bring bold West African flavors to America's groceries and pantries?

Did you know that POKS West African products have snagged 9 product awards, with 5 first-place wins in international culinary and product competitions?

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What Others Are Saying

"The Tajín of West Africa? Dallas spice company wants African food to be the next movement..." - Dallas Morning News

  • No exaggeration - POKS is literally life changing. We make all kinds of dishes in our house - including Indian, Asian, European, American - and it just makes it better.

    - VJ

  • POKS is now going to be my go-to & a staple in my spice and seasoning cabinet! The flavor and kick that you get is amazing. It’s good with everything. Absolutely love it!

    - Carine

  • As a native of Louisiana, you know I love my seasonings! I was excited to try this, and it did not disappoint; it adds a great flavor and a little kick to anything I put it on!

    - Lisa

  • One of the best spices I have tried so far. I use it to season almost everything; my fish, chicken, meats, etc. since I bought my first bottle, I make sure I never run out.

    - Mandy

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