POKS Spices is my "go-to" spice now! I use it on everything from breakfast meals to dinner. I highly recommend this because in every spoonful of the spice is a blend of goodness! Looking forward to a healthy meal with great flavor, POKS spice is the best out there! 

Keturah A.


I first bought POKS Spices for my sister as a Christmas gift. My initial aim was just to support a friend in business. My sister loved it so much at a point, I thought it was an exaggeration. To say POKS Spices is good is an understatement, and you can add it to any diet you are on guilt free. 

Rhoda A.

Oh my goodness...what can I say?! I have used this magnificent seasoning in eggs, vegetables and most recently, shrimp stew. Being from Louisiana, I know seasoning and this is absolutely amazing!

Alethea  A.


The spices are really amazing. Highly recommend with no reservation. We grill and cook salmon and shrimp with only these spices every week and it never fails; very tasty mouthwatering and delicious.

Sumbo M.


If you are looking for quality seasoning, look no further! POKS Spices is the way to go! Used it on my tacos, salad, and burgers. Going to continue to use! I highly recommend the “Extra Spicy” one, it has a really awesome kick, without sweating or constant burning of the mouth. 

Mark R.


This seasoning is absolutely mouth-watering! You want some baked salmon and asparagus?  POKS Spices! Volunteered to bring chicken for your potluck and you have no idea what to use? POKS Spices!!! Full of flavor! I  even sprinkle it on my  cooked rice!  You can't have too much of it!

Judith S.


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