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POKS Spices West African Seasonings



West African foods and flavors have influenced cuisines around the globe including Southern US and Caribbean cuisines. When it comes to West African flavors, the distinguishing feature is spicy heat, and bold flavors.

While the Creoles and Cajuns have the holy trinity of bell pepper, celery, and onion, West Africans have the trio of chili pepper, ginger, and an allium; onion and/or garlic. Often supplemented with salt, indigenous spices and herbs, this mix serves as a seasoning base for cooking savory dishes. However, little is known about this blend in the United States.

POKS Spices is a Texas-based and West African originated seasoning company, on a mission to introduce the West African holy trinity of spices via award-winning West African Seasonings, to the American home cook. 
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POKS Spices Jollof Rice Recipe

Give your meals, that extra kick!

We blended POKS Spices West African Seasonings without any MSG, sugar, preservatives or the fillers typically found in conventional retail seasonings. All you need is a sprinkle of POKS Spices, to discover the bold and FlavorFULL Goodness of West Africa.
POKS Spices Jollof Rice Recipe

Our Story

What does a father's farm and the West African holy trinity of spices have in a common? 
A passionate daughter trained as a food scientist, on a mission to introduce bold West African flavors  and products to a global audience.


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POKS Spices Scovie Win.jpg
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We absolutely love the spices. We’ve only utilized the “Extra Spicy” so far but it was fantastic. It doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the food, it just helps to accentuate the flavor.



I love POKS Spices for that true authentic West African taste, especially, the Jalapeno-based All Purpose Seasoning. If you haven't tried their line of spices, you're missing out!


I absolutely love POKS Spices. It enhances my cooking with authentic West African flavors. Provision is made for every palate with the 3 spice levels without compromising on flavor.



POKS Spices West African Seasonings is now a staple in my kitchen! I have all three types (mild, original and extra spicy) - and I use all 3 for a wide range of fusion dishes.


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