Our Mission

Hailing from a family legacy of farming in West Africa, and with an educational background and industry expertise in food science, our chief flavor officer, Abena, leveraged the multi-faceted aspects of her background, to address the opportunity in America's groceries and pantries for bold West African flavors.

Our brand name POKS, comes from Abena's family's name OPOKU. This name represents legacy; generations of the Opoku family making a positive difference in the West African and global food landscape, in farming, and now consumer packaged food products.

We are passionate about bringing bold West African flavors built on the West African holy trinity of spices, to the America's groceries and pantries.

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POKS Spices Product Awards

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POKS Spices X Crescendo Foods Partnership

POKS Spices has partnered with Crescendo Foods, based in Ghana, West Africa, to support emerging Ghanaian food brands in expanding their local and global reach.

As part of this partnership, POKS Spices will provide an annual grant for commercial kitchen time and food science expertise from Crescendo Foods. Additionally, the selected brand will receive one-on-one mentorship from Abena and other food industry experts.