POKS Spices wins SIA Entrepreneurial Spirit Grant

POKS Spices wins SIA Entrepreneurial Spirit Grant

SIA Scotch Whiskey partnered with Hello Alice to provide $10,000 grants to entrepreneurs of color in the food and beverage industry, along with mentorship from its founder. SIA Scotch Whiskey is an "an award-winning spirits brand founded by a first generation Hispanic entrepreneur", founded by Carin Luna-Ostaseski in 2012.

In November 2022, Hello Alice announced the 11 recipients of the 2022 SIA Scotch Whiskey Entrepreneurial Spirit Grant, which included POKS Spices. The Grant equips recipients to accelerate their business growth. As POKS Spices looks towards its next phase of growth, this grant and mentorship will be instrumental in shaping the next steps of the POKS Spices journey.

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