POKS Spices In Target's Accelerator Program

POKS Spices In Target's Accelerator Program

On 24th May 2022, Target started its 8-week virtual programming for the third cohort of its Forward Founders Accelerator Program. That afternoon, it announced that 30 brands including POKS Spices had been selected out of 1800 brands for that cohort, with 14 of the 30 brands in the food and beverage category.

POKS Spices in Target Forward Founders Accelerator

The Target Forward Founders Program is an "accelerator program for early-stage CPG companies looking to better understand retail. It’s designed to help historically under-resourced founders be the next wave of wealth-building companies." Target's desire is that through this 8-week virtual program, emerging brands are "connected to industry-disrupting founders, Target team members and other cohort members while gaining access to leading retail knowledge and resources.

A year later, as an alumni of the Forward Founders program, our founder Abena was invited to be a mentor in Cohort 4 of Accelerator program. This is a full circle moment for POKS Spices and the value of the Target Forward Founders Accelerator program in equipping emerging brands and founders to be valuable resources to others.
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