POKS Spices in Dallas Morning News

POKS Spices in Dallas Morning News

In December 2022, POKS Spices sat with Amanda Albee of the Dallas Morning News to chat about the POKS Spices story, West African food and the role Jollof rice plays in the West African community. Our conversations were captured in an online article feature on the Dallas Morning News website. The title of the article Erin, Editor of DMN, developed, "The Tajin of West Africa?", captures the Wet African holy trinity of spices, which we expertly incorporate into our products 

 POKS Spices Dallas Morning News


In February 2023, this piece was also captured in print feature in the Dallas Morning News, bringing our story closer to the local Dallas audience. POKS Spices is more than a food company developing West African products. We are passionate about showcasing the vibrancy, colorfulness and richness of the West African region through food products.

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