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POKS Green Chili West African Seasoning (Medium)

POKS Green Chili West African Seasoning (Medium)

Ingredients: Jalapeño, Salt, Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Spices.

Delight your taste buds, and give a West African twist to your meals with our award winning all-purpose POKS Green Chili West African Seasoning, formerly known as POKS Mild Spicy West African Seasoning. Our Green Seasoning is expertly crafted with the West African holy trinity of spices: chili, ginger, and garlic, our Green Chili Seasoning highlights jalapeño pepper, which has similar fruity spicy notes as the petite belle chili commonly found in the West African region, to evoke a traditional taste experience, and bold West African flavors.
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Customer Reviews

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Yummy and easy on my tummy!

I love all the Poks spice blends. One of the best spice blends I've had and I've been using them for over 5 years and my husband and I always add it to every meal. I like this version specifically because my stomach no longer tolerates very spicy food (heat) and I can add as much of this as I want because it has the right level of mild heat. It's also all natural... truly a win win.

Evelyn McKee
Christmas gift for a Ghanian friend

The order was filled quickly. Arrived quicker than I expected. Can't wait to taste the dishes my friend makes.


Poks spices are soooooo delicious!!!!! They just have that unique taste and add that touch to any dish!!! PLUS knowing that it’s all natural, it’s a Win 🏆!!!!!! 100% recommend

I adore this spice blend!!

I love all three of the spice blends, but the green chili blend is my absolute favorite! I've tried so, so many spice blends for work (I used to be a product tester/curator for a food eCommerce site), and the vibrancy and quality of the jalapeño in this blend can't be beat. I love adding a dash or two to rice, and it's become my secret ingredient for breakfast burritos!
Regarding spice level, this has a really nice blooming heat. It's enough to tickle your taste buds, but not so much that you can't add cheeky splashes of your preferred hot sauce at the table.