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POKS Green West African Chili Sauce (Medium)

POKS Green West African Chili Sauce (Medium)

Ingredients: Green Bell Pepper, Onion, Canola Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, Jalape ño, Salt, Ginger Garlic, Spices.

Delight your taste buds with POKS Green West African Chili Sauce, versatile as a hot sauce, dipping sauce, marinade or seasoning. Our Green Sauce is expertly crafted with the West African holy trinity of spices: chili, ginger and garlic, our POKS Green Chili Seasoning highlights jalapeño pepper, which has similar fruity spicy notes as the petite belle chili commonly found in the West African region, to evoke a traditional taste experience, and bold West African flavors.

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Customer Reviews

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This sauce tastes so good! It is flavorful and versatile and it can be used straight out of the jar! I put this on everything. It goes well as a sauce with carbs or on veggies or protein. I ran out of salsa yesterday and used this instead of salsa and it was such a hit! So versatile... I love it!

derrick keel
chili sauce

this west african chili sauce is fantastic!!!!!

Efua Asibon

I use this sauce for EVERYTHING! It is packed with flavour and is versatile. It's different from any other sauce I have used. I use it for my pasta sauce, fried eggs, for grilling and even as a dip with chips. I love everything about it and will make it a pantry staple.


I impulse bought this when I was re-upping my supply of the green chili spice blend and I am SO glad that I did. The description really is spot on. It's incredibly tasty straight from the jar, and I want to slather it on everything as a condiment, but it also immediately inspired so many ideas for how else to use it. Awesome versatility! My first mini projects will probably be slathering it in a grilled cheese and brushing it on grilled veggies...!

Hina Robertson

I'm over the moon about this sauce. It's my favorite and I use it on everything... Chicken, green beans and rice. It's easy to make a really gourmet meal with very little planning. HIGHLY recommend this sauce and all the spices. Abena is a brilliant chef... Award winning and well deserved!